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Monday, August 28, 2006

Show #20 - Marching Band 2006 Aug 25

We are live and direct from the Charles Harding Stadium in Olmsted Falls, Ohio for our first Marching Band Podcast of the year. Loud, proud and a little bit distorted in spots, but raw energy nonetheless. Check it out!
Also featured: Wickliffe High School Marching Band.

Total time 31:06
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Show#19 - Free CDs for everyone!

On this show I am joined by Judy to talk about grocery store checkout voices, and the music and the CD giveaway of my album "Cheese Sandwich". We also talk about Jandek music and the upcoming marching band season.
Jandek information.
Cheese Sandwich on CD BABY.
Cheese Sandwich on iTunes. Write a review!
Olmsted Falls Bulldog Marching Band.

Total time 33:57
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Show #18.5 - May 17th on the radio Part 2 of 2

Finally. The second half of the May 17th radio show and a lot of updates.
Happy Anniversary Kris and Joe!
The Toddcast.
Everything you always wanted to hear on the Moog.
Uncle Scratch's Gospel revival.
Monkey Call.
Marching Band shows are coming back!
John Petkovic of Cobra Verde.
The Ghoul!
WNCX Radio - Cleveland's Classic Rock

Total time 52:06
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