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Monday, August 28, 2006

Show #20 - Marching Band 2006 Aug 25

We are live and direct from the Charles Harding Stadium in Olmsted Falls, Ohio for our first Marching Band Podcast of the year. Loud, proud and a little bit distorted in spots, but raw energy nonetheless. Check it out!
Also featured: Wickliffe High School Marching Band.

Total time 31:06
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At 1:39 PM , Blogger Dave said...

Sweet. I graduated last year, and I was missing my band. Being in college 3 hours away means I can't make it to any of the games except for maybe game 4 and game 10. I was just looking around to see if there was any info on the band and I was happy to see the Bill here came back to record OF again. Despite the distortion that I know Bill can't help, I can hear that the Band is doing an amazing job for just switching directors.

Bill, I look forward to more OF recordings. And I can't wait for you to try that other mic to see if it gets better sound. =)


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