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Thursday, January 08, 2009

[scrubs] is BACK! and in HD!

Watched the first two new episodes of "Scrubs" eighth season on ABC (after 7 years on NBC) last night. The show is now in HD! It was a little hard to get used to the change in texture and the unique mix of comedy and drama on a wide screen, but the show is still great and I laughed out loud many times.
Courtney Cox (in her limited run as the new chief of medicine) isn't looking as good as she did on "Friends", but she has not lost her comedic edge. Sarah Chalke and Christa Miller, however, were both smoking hot - I wonder if this was intentional?
As much as I love this show, I just hope they let this season run it's course and finish the series with class. The seventh season was supposed to be the end of "Scrubs", but the writer's strike turned that season into a train wreck, even causing the shows to air in the wrong order. Maybe watching the shows again on DVD will be more comfortable.


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